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Hudson Hallo, lads. Welcome to me page. This page is here because, like so many others, I have a passion for the Gargoyles. So tunight, when the sun goes doun, I invite 'ya tuh sit doun, relax, and enjoy all that is Gargoyles.
A Brief History of Disney's Gargoyles

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Gargoyles is a cartoon created by Disney in 1994. It is based on the life and adventures of six gargoyles who have been thrown into modern day Manhatten by a magical spell. By day they are stone statues, but when the sun sets they come to life to defend their home and those they care about. Now, with the aid of detective Elisa Maza, the six gargoyles adjust to their new surroundings and adventures.

This series hosts fantastic animation and wonderful story plots, full of Shakespearian referances and mythology. The depth of the characters and stories are unrivaled by just about any show, animated or not.

In 1996 Disney cancelled Gargoyles. ABC recognized it's potential and quickly bought the rights. They created a spinoff called Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicals. With new writing and animation teams, this series fell short of the original's popularity (although it still rocks).

Since that time, Disney has basically bought ABC and cancelled the Gargoyles once again, this time permanantly (GULP!). This cannot be allowed to happen! We CANNOT simply let this incredible world of fantasy and adventure slip into the night. In order to combat this, a group of dedicated fans have continued the series in the form of The Gargoyles Saga, a fanfiction universe. You can access it in the fanfiction section.

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