by Lennox MacDuff

Hakon 3/25/97 Ever wonder where the Gargoyles’ most hated foe came from? Rated PG for language.
Midnight Lost 5/19/97 Hudson remembers a time when he was leader of the Castle Wyvern clan, and the loss of his own Angel of the Night.
The Price of Friendship: Part 1 7/1/97 Broadway makes a friend, who is captured by the Quarrymen. A tale of friendship, torture and loyalty. WARNING: Graphic content and language.
The Price of Friendship: Part 2 8/8/97 The clan battles to free Steve from the clutches of the Quarrymen. WARNING: Graphic content.
The Lost Fanfic 5/6/98 This story was never meant to be published! Better not read it!
A New Awakening 10/28/98 What if the Magus had not cast his spell on Goliath? How could he help in the past, and how much will change without him in the present?

Lennox's Favorite Gargoyles Fan Fiction

The Gargoyles Saga

Owen's Memoirs Jennifer Vail Ever wonder how that first meeting of Demona and Xanatos went? And just how did he find the Castle? Just when was Servarius made aware of the Gargoyles? Beware, the memoirs are from Owen's own hand.
Progeny Kacy Cohen It started simply enough, a discovery in Scotland: a gargoyle egg had been found. But, in the Gargoyles' Manhatten, nothing is ever easy.
The High Price of Living Kealani Brown It's easy to lay down one's life for a friend. But what if the price paid isn't death, but living? Exactly how much is one life worth?
The Quiver Kellie Fay Demona summons one of Oberon's most powerful children, and steals something that puts the entire clan in jepordy. And what will Brooklyn do when that same power is dropped into his lap?
Final Hunt Paul D. Glock An old enemy returns, and everyone may not live to tell about if afterwards...
The works of Christi Smith Hayden the index of a fantastic continuing saga
The Human Element Russell Grannis A disturbance at the Police Evidence warehouse, has Elisa & Matt a little nervous because it has something to do with Gen-U-Tech. Meanwhile Brooklyn and Lex run into something strange in the park, and try to find out just who..or what he is. Warning Adult language and content.
Lost and Found Christine Morgan A lonely woman discovers a very special souvenir on the bluffs near Castle Wyvern.
Something Old, Something New Christine Morgan Captain Chavez makes a startling discovery in the attic.
I'm Sorry Aaron Ziegler What if Hunter's Moon hadn't ended quite so happily? A dark story in which Demona is faced with the consequences of her relentless quest for vengeance.
Fugue Tim Reynard A fey has returned from the dead.....but is she truly the same?
A Guest Arrives Kellie Fay Part I. After an Accident Brooklyn starts talking to thin air. And if you think that's strange, a friend of Ricky's has come into town, and The Illuminati is very worried about him.
Ruby Unseen Kellie Fay Part II. Lexington, Broadway, and Angela's concern over Brooklyn's behaviour increases, when they discover a ghost is responsible, and that ghost has possesed Elisa.
Ruby Reveled Kellie Fay Part III. Brooklyn's memories of Ruby are finally restored. Then he and Lexington both vanish when Dimitri, Marcus and his girlfriend are kidnapped by Carmignani.
More Things in Heaven and Earth Constance Cochran When a certain ghost appears in Manhattan seeking revenge on Goliath and his clan...who ya gonna call?
Night's Defenders Constance Cochran A random encounter on the rooftops at night gives a young hero the comfort of knowing he's not alone.
Suspension of Disbelief Tina Price As the Human Holiday season reached its peak, a depressed gargoyle recieves a visit which fills him with hope.
Brutal Reality Angel H. What if what we perceive to be the real world is just a dream and reality is just a nightmare from which we can't wake up?
In Sleep A King Nancy Brown In the Spring of 1965, a mysterious woman enters Halcyon's life and changes it forever.
Firedancer: Part 1 Rebekah Bachnick When tragedy strikes a young gargess's life, a new group of friends becomes her family....
Hysteresis Nancy Brown In 1987, a bright young employee comes to work for Cyberbiotics, unravelling the carefully-constructed web of Anastasia's life.

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